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Ooshin Thermal Set (Gold )

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Providing you the Superior Quality (Gold) range of Ooshin thermal set

  • Fit Type: Regular
  • Premium Comfort Wear
  • Fashion Type – Thermal Wear Set
  • This thermal embraces your body in a perfect fit and shields you from the chilly weather
  • OOSHIN UK Thermals are manufactured and passed through a series of quality checks ensuring best comfort and best customer experience.
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ntroducing Ooshin Thermal Set (Gold): Elevate Your Winter Comfort with Luxury

Embrace the winter season in opulent warmth and style with our exclusive Ooshin Thermal Set (Gold). Crafted for those who appreciate the finer things in life, this set combines sumptuous comfort with a touch of elegance.

Key Features:

  1. Luxurious Thermal Comfort: Immerse yourself in the plush warmth of the Ooshin Thermal Set (Gold). Engineered with advanced thermal technology, this set ensures that you stay cozy even in the coldest weather.
  2. Exquisite Design and Detailing: The Gold edition is not just a thermal set; it’s a statement piece. The intricate design and meticulous detailing elevate this set to a level of sophistication that transcends ordinary winter wear.
  3. Premium Fabric Blend: Experience the indulgence of a premium fabric blend that feels gentle against your skin. The carefully selected materials provide not only warmth but also a luxurious sensation, making it a joy to wear.
  4. Gold Standard Style: Make a fashion statement with the Gold edition. The set is designed to be both functional and stylish, ensuring that you look as good as you feel. It’s the gold standard in winter fashion.
  5. Tailored Fit for Comfort: The set features a tailored fit that enhances your comfort without compromising on style. Move freely and confidently, whether you’re lounging at home or stepping out into the winter wonderland.
  6. Perfect for Layering: The sleek design of the Ooshin Thermal Set (Gold) makes it perfect for layering under your favorite winter outfits. Stay warm without sacrificing your sense of style.
  7. Elasticized Waistband for a Secure Fit: The bottoms come with an elasticized waistband, providing a secure and comfortable fit. Say goodbye to slipping and sliding – this set stays in place, ensuring your comfort throughout the day.
  8. Limited Edition Elegance: The Gold edition is a limited-edition release, adding an element of exclusivity to your winter wardrobe. Revel in the privilege of owning a piece of winter fashion that stands out from the rest.

Indulge in the Luxury of Ooshin Thermal Set (Gold): Elevate your winter wardrobe with the epitome of comfort and style. The Ooshin Thermal Set (Gold) is more than just clothing; it’s an experience in opulence. Because when it comes to winter, your comfort should be as luxurious as your style.

Note: This is a fictional product description created for illustrative purposes.



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Gents, Ladies

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Icrus Ooshin UK

Customers reviews

12 Reviews Write a review
  1. SB

    Suhaib Bhat

    Got it just yesterday. This one is Original! I have bought one from local market but that’s a copy and that too washed out copy. I got the Original Gold at almost the same price like the fake one and got it delivered FREE.

  2. RK

    Rakesh Kumar

    This is real Gold. Actually little thicker but gives ultimate Warmth. We are planning to visit Kashmir Next Month, must buy thing!

  3. NS

    Naha Sharma

    Bought this one by mistake, had to order one for females. But now i dont feel like returning it. Its cosy and comfortable.

  4. PA

    Priya Arora

    I needed 3 pieces of Ooshin Thermals but in differnt colours, they sent all in one color. Ab poochu ek he color ke kitne lagavu

  5. SS

    Syed Suhail

    Wow is so warm and so fast delivered.

  6. SM

    Siddhart Malhotra

    The product is definitely very warm for winters, however, it’s weird to call it innerwear since it’s so thick and you can’t really wear in under your usual clothes. It’s less of an innerwear and more of an outer wear. Just wear it and put on the jacket and that’s it.

  7. JQ

    Javaid Qazi

    I think Ooshin site is not genuine as they are selling conterfiet products. If this is imported scottish why on earth do we have indian website only. I got cheated when ordering from that site. You guys are selling genuine Ooshin Thermals but then it’s a bit costly.

  8. BG

    Bharti Gupta

    Hey how come this is soo cheap , looks like there’s some winter festival here. Thank you I got one in real 24 hours at Jammu and it’s the best thing I could ever see., i dont believe this is real Ooshin and very cheap, cheapest across all websites out there.

  9. BZ

    Benish Zahra

    Thank you for this and as expected it’s genuine and sending it to a remote place like Kupwara.

  10. UH

    Umar Hayat Bhat

    This thermal set goes beyond functionality – it’s a style statement. The Gold edition is a game-changer in winter fashion. I love how I can wear it as a standalone outfit or layer it seamlessly under my winter ensembles. A perfect blend of style and warmth!

  11. PT

    Priya Thakur

    Kashmir Online Shopping has outdone themselves with the Ooshin Icrus UK Thermal Set (Gold). The quality is exceptional – from the premium fabric to the meticulous stitching. It’s clear that this set is designed to stand the test of time. Highly recommended

  12. AK

    Atul kishan

    Finding a thermal set that fits well can be a challenge, but Ooshin Icrus UK got it right. The tailored fit is flattering, and the elasticized waistband ensures a snug yet comfortable feel. No more bulky layers – this set is perfect for any winter occasion

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