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A dynamic website contains information that varies with respect to the audience, the time of day, the time zone, the viewer’s native language and other elements.

The dynamic website development will begin from INR 18,000 to INR 5,00000.

When customers need only a very simple website that can view dynamic pages and use SQL to insert user information into the database (database), it could be about 18,000 INR.

For example, if the requirement is more complex, the user should be able to login and create an account, and use the alternative form of forgotten password, it might cost around INR 40,000.

Customers must register all the features they need on their website; since they want an output to update / edit the text on their website, they need to change the images in the gallery, concentrate on sending mass readers by email, measure interest or number.

What’s Preventing you from having your Dream site in reality ?

Hundreds of Companies across the Globe have trusted Kashmir Online for their Dream Projects and we have returned the Trust with Satisfaction. Our main aim is to help your business grow. After all you take a Global Step with the making of your website and we know there should always be utility besides beauty.

We help to make your website useful and earning for you 24 x 7 x 365. We love to help you and that’s why on each new day we have a new satisfied customer with us and hence adding to the treasure of friends we have



without CMS, with CMS

Customers reviews

1 Review Write a review
  1. SK

    Shehzad Kathju

    I had just finished my college and was very enthusiastic to start my own business. I started with too many things in mind and went to Kashmir Online. I’m talking about 2007 and I remember I went inside their Office on Jehlum Bund behind Mughal Darbar. I met this charming guy who was absorbed in some programming code and met me with all his heart. He discussed the project and all the possibilities I could venture and there was so much of encouragement and kindness in his tone. I had very little budget and dreams, when I came out of his office I came out with a vision and a plan. Thank you Kashmir Online for helping to turn my dreams into reality. Masha Allah have 5 websites today all designed by Kashmir Online and working wonders.

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