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VENUS CVN95 NIOSH “42 CFR 84 N95” Approved Respirator (White, Red, Free Size), one of the best in Class Respirator

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Venus Masks Pollution Valved CVN95 (White, Red, Free Size)

Product Description

VENUS CVN95 NIOSH “42 CFR 84 N95” Approved RespiratorFiltering efficiency – > 95% Solid particles & non oil based liquid particles from spraysMeets NIOSH “42 CFR 84 N95” requirementsFilter Media

High technology filter media with micro fine fibers & electrostatic charge gives maximum
filtering efficiency.Suggested applications

Pharmaceutical, Engineering, Medical Services, Bagging, Cement, Ceramics, Construction,
Distillation & Breweries, Drilling, Dyes & Dyestuffs, Ferrous & Non-ferrous
Metallurgical industries, Grinding, Glass Etching, Paper processing, Sweeping, Textile,
Tyre, Tobacco processing, Woodworking etc.Used For

Protection against Solids particles & non oil based Liquids particles from sprays –
tested for mean particle size of 0.3 Microns.

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1 Review Write a review
  1. Saleem Mir

    This is by far the best and affordable N95 mask avails in the market. It’s very reasonably priced and the delivery was prompt.

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